Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Important Things - Animation Blueprint

Montage Slots

Montage slots are used to play montages. You can play multiple montages at the same time on different slots, but only one at a time on a single slot.

-> The most important thing is to only use the LowerBody slot and the TurnOnlyFullBody slots for the turn in place montages.

If you need to play a montage on the lowerbody only and it is not a turn in place, make sure you call the ClientBlockTurn event on start and end of your montage.

1. LowerBody Slot

Careful : This slot is used for turn in place only (blended on the lowerbody). Useful when you want to turn in place and keep the upperbody steady, for instance while aiming a weapon. Only your legs will move.

2. UpperBody Slot

This upperbody slot is post Aim Offset meaning that you will see exactly the same animation as in your montage (from spine01 to the head). If your upperbody is turned on the side because of the aimoffset, it will reset back to 0 degrees because we override the aim offset animations with this slot. This might give an unrealistic effect to the gameplay, but sometimes it is useful. In MMLS we mostly use the UpperBodyPreAO for upperbody montages to blend with the aimoffset.

3. DefaultGroup Slot

This is the regular slot for a full body montage. Everything will be overriden by the animation. If you want the full body montage blended in with the aim offset, use the FullBodyPreAO group.

4. UpperBodyPreAO Slot

This slot is blended in with the aim offset. It allows you to aim while playing a montage like a melee attack.

If you want to play a montage that does not go well with the current aim offset of your weapon (see PistolRH_OffhandKnife attacks), you can use the procedural aim offset feature to make a custom aimoffset for that specific montage. Go in MMLSWeaponComponent -> Quick Melee for comments and more info.

5. LeftArm Slot

Only the left arm (clavicle_l to fingers) will be moved by your montage. It will blend in with the aim offsets. Can be used to play recoil montages on, or used for realistic effects like we do with our pistol (we keep pretty much the same running animation but shoot at the same time)

6. RightArm Slot

Same as LeftArm Slot but for the right arm.

7. FullBodyPreAO Slot

This is the full body slot that you should use if you want realism. You can use it to aim at the same time as playing a full body montage. See our knife sprint attack to see an example of a full body root motion montage blended with a custom aim offset.

7. TurnOnlyFullBody

Careful : This slot is used for turn in place montages only. The whole body will move and it will blend in with aimoffset.

Important Things

Event Equipping

This is used to blend between weapon animations. We blend to the empty handed anim set while equipping a weapon and then back to the new weapon anim set. Without this there would be a jerk when you switch to the new anim set because it would be instantaneous. Call this when you start equipping you weapon (on montage begin play) and then after you have finished equipping it.


Anim Notify NoTransitions

Absolutely essential at the end of all prone montages. This allows us to skip the transitions and return back to prone instantly. Add this about 0.3s to 0.5s from the end of you animations.

Event New Holding Item

This is all the animations parameters for the Anim BP. Add the structure variables to your weapons and call this event when you equip it. Make sure you call Equipping Event before.

Event Reset to Empty Handed

Reset back the animation set to empty handed. Call this when you want to unequip your weapon.

Important : You need to multicast the events above for them to work. Each client has a local copy of the Anim BP.


We use Sync Groups in our Anim BP to keep everything running smoothly. Do the following in all movement animations, including crouch.

Add a RightPlant or a LeftPlant when your feet hit the ground. Also add a footstep sound notify while you’re there if you want to.