Modern MMORPG Locomotion System


The Modern MMORPG Locomotion System (MMLS) is a Unreal Engine-based template that enhances movement dynamics with its 8-directional movement and realistic aim offsets, allowing players to navigate their virtual worlds with precision and fluidity.

What's Inside Differences between UE4's Third Person Template and MMLS

FeaturesUE4 Third Person Starter TemplateMMLS
Network Replicated (Multiplayer)
8 Directional Movement
5 Different Movement Modes (Sprint, Jog, Walk, Crouch, Prone)
Aim Offsets (Turn Head/Body While Looking Around)
Turn In Place Animations (Standing, Crouching, Proning)
Fall Control Mode While In Air (Can Be Used To "Glide")
Double Jump (Frontflip)
Hard Landings (Fall To The Ground Or Land On Feet)
Slide On Ground
4 Different Animation States (Relaxed, Combat, Aiming, Injured)

Animating your character doesn’t have to be hard. This asset will expand your gameplay and save countless hours to your development team.