Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Combat Component 1.3 Update Guide

Step 1

Migrate the Combat Component from a new MMLSE project

Select “No All” when asked if you want to overwrite existing assets.

Step 2

Add Combat Interface to the Character BP

Step 3

Add the new nodes on mouse input actions

Step 4

1. Add a new Float variable called PlayerRespawnTime in Inventory Component.

2. Migrate death screen hud called BPW_Death

3. Copy paste the new character BP logic or add by hand.

Step 5

Add the blueprint logic in the 6 highlighted Combat Interface functions.

Copy paste the logic from each function or add by hand. You will need to create new variables as needed in MasterWeapon BP and MasterDummyWeapon.

You can customize the logic if you want to, for example you can just create a new Death montage variable in the Character BP and return that montage for all weapons.

Step 6

(Optional) Quick Melee Changes

In the Weapon Component -> Quick Melee, copy paste everything from the “Get Current Melee Weapon” to the “Stop Turn In Place If Needed”. Compile and right click on missing variables then select “Create Variable”.

On BeginPlay bind the MMLSCombatComponent Reference.

Add the 2 new nodes Currently Quick Melee Striking on montage interrupt and completed.

You will also need to create variables as needed in the MasterWeapon blueprints like step 5.

Step 7

Add damage to bullets

In Pistol Bullet BP -> Event Graph

Step 8

1) Add melee trace notifies on skeleton

2) Add the new setup in the Anim BP

3) Change the setting on the Character mesh to Always Tick Pose and Refresh Bone. We need this for the melee raytrace to work correctly.

Step 9

Add fall damage

Add highlighted nodes in Movement Component -> Jump & Air.