Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

General Integration Steps

This guide will show how to integrate MMLS into existing character logic. Make sure that you have correctly migrated BP_MMLSCharacter from MMLS. The inputs also need to be configured. See here

Note that each project is different and completing the integration will usually require some work on your part. If you need help contact us.

Step 1

Implement MMLSCharacterInterface on your Character Class

1. Open your character and go in Class Settings
2. Click Add
3. Type MMLS and select CharacterInterface

Step 2

Add Follow Camera in the MMLS Interface Function

1. Click on Interfaces -> Camera Component

2. Drag and drop the camera from your character (FollowCamera on the picture)

3. Plug FollowCamera into Camera input


Step 3

Navigate to Begin Play In MMLS Character

1. Open up MMLS Character -> Graphs -> EventGraph -> Begin Play

2. Highlight and copy everything


Step 4

Paste into your Character EventGraph

Hit confirm

Step 5

Add MMLS Movement Component

1. Click on +Add Component

2. Type MMLS and select BP_MMLSMovementComponent


Step 6

Drag and drop  MMLS Movement Component

1. Drag BP_MMLSMovementComponent on the Get node shown. Rename BP_MMLSMovementComponent to MMLSMovementComponent (need this to fix a little bug)

2. Right click on node Setup Done and select Create Variable ‘Setup Done’
3. Right click on node Client Possessed and select Refresh Nodes

Step 7

Drag and drop  MMLS Movement Component

1. Go in MMLSCharacter -> EventGraph -> Inputs

2. Select everything, right click and click Copy

3. Go in your character event graph and paste everything
4. Hit compile

Step 8

Retarget MMLS Animations to your current character skeleton

1. Easiest way to do it is to navigate to MMLS character skeleton (location shown bottom left of image) and try to delete it. Select your character skeleton and Replace References


Step 8

Change the Anim BP on your character mesh

1. In your character blueprint, click on Mesh

2. In details under Animation select Anim Class : MMLS_TP_Male_AnimBP


Step 9

Add Turning Metacurve to all MMLS turn in place animations

1. Open each Turn In Place animation

2. Click on the arrow next to Curves –> Add Metacurve –> type Turning


Step 10

Change your character movement settings to match those in BP_ MMLSCharacter.

Important ones include

1. Your Character -> Class Defaults -> Pawn

2. Camera Boom -> Camera Settings

3. Character Movement -> Rotation Settings

We strongly recommend that you check them all one by one and make sure they are the same.



Everything should be up and running at this point. To test network replication, go in Play Settings -> Multiplayer Options -> Number of Players : 2 or more | Net Mode : Play As Client