Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Specific Quick Melee Setup

The current setup in MMLSE for the quick melee action is general and depends on an “Equipped Quick Melee Weapon”. In this guide we will show 2 specific types of setup that you can use instead of that.

1) Kick Only : Only a kick attack will be played.

2) Knife Only : Only knife attacks will be played. The knife will spawn in the hands during the attack. Inspiration for this comes from Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 2) where you can perform a stab by pressing a Quick Melee action.


Step 1

In the WeaponComponent -> Quick Melee, delete the highlighted nodes.

Step 2

Add the new setup shown.

Step 3

Replace the existing montages in the “Unarmed Quick Melee” variables with the kick or knife attack you want to use.

Step 4 (Knife Only)

Add the 2 nodes shown in the Quick Melee setup.

This will spawn the weapon on the character without having to pick it up.

The knife surface sounds and effects are located in the Quick Melee Weapon blueprint (called BP_GoldenSword_QuickMelee here)

Step 5 (Knife Only)

Delete the highlighted nodes

This will prevent dropping the Quick Melee Weapon