Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Attack Lowerbody Blending

Step 1

In Anim_BP -> Each Frame

1) Add a new pin on the sequence at the end then add the nodes shown.


Step 2

In Anim_BP -> Event Graph

1) Create a new cached pose called LowerBodyBase and rearrange the nodes as shown.


The lowerbody blending is used to make the pelvis/legs move while playing upperbody montages. It was really needed for the sword and shield attacks. Now we will use it for pretty much every upperbody montages because it looks way better. You only need to make sure that the feet are exactly at the same place as your idle animation.

To use lowerbody blending on your anims first add a metadata curve called LowerBodyBlending. This will only work for montages played on the UpperbodyPreAO slot. The blend alpha is currently very low when moving (0.15 above 200 speed) to keep the movement animations.

See the 2 punch attacks for an example. Good luck!