Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

New Project With MMLS

In this guide we start with a Third Person blank project. Note that it is the same as starting right away with the MMLS project but we provide this as a beginner example for people that already started making their map or other minor things and would like to go on with their own project.

Step 1

Migrate MMLS To Your New Project

Open MMLS and right-click on the MMLS character blueprint. Migrate to the content folder of your new or existing project.

We didn’t migrate the whole MMLS folder to avoid grabbing the Demo content but you can also do it this way.

Step 2

Export/Import MMLS Input Settings

1. Go in Project Settings -> Input in MMLS project

2. Click Export

3. Go in Project Settings -> Input in the New Projet

4. Import the exported file

This can also be done manually by adding each input at a time.

Step 3

Change Default Pawn Class

1. Go in Project Settings -> Maps & Modes

2. Change Default Pawn Class to BP_MMLSCharacter


Step 4

Delete default Third Person Character on Map

All you need is a PlayerStart.

If you do not have one on your map go in Place Actors -> Player Start.


Everything should be up and running at this point. To test network replication, go in Play Settings -> Multiplayer Options -> Number of Players : 2 or more | Net Mode : Play As Client

Tip: You can change the character mesh in the BP_MMLSCharacter. You will need to change the character mesh skeleton to the MMLS Skeleton for the Anim BP and animations to work.