Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Smart AI Integration Guide

Step 1

Migrate MMLS

Migrate MMLS folder to a new Smart AI project

Step 2

Export/Import Inputs

In Project Settings -> Inputs, export the input file from a MMLSE project.

In your Smart AI project, click Import and select the input file.

Step 3

Change Project Surface Types

In Project Settings -> Physical Surface, type the following surface types to match those of MMLSE.

Step 4

Change Default Pawn Class to BP_MMLSCharacter

Step 5

In SmartAiComponent -> Melee Collision Check

Add setup shown in the 3 pictures at the end.
Add the same thing in function “Range Attack” right before the “Is Hitbox?”. (Right click on “Apply Damage” node in Melee Collision Check and select “Find References” to get there easily).

Step 6

MMLS Surface effects for melee and ranged attacks

Add the nodes shown in “Multicast Melee Emitter” and “Spawn Hit Effects” to override the Surface Type with the one from MMLS.

Step 7

Add damage to AI for MMLS bullets

Add the new nodes in Pistol Bullet BP -> Event Graph

Step 8

Add damage to AI in melee attacks

In BP_MMLSCombatComponent -> Melee Trace

Step 9

Add player tag

Add the players tags “AI” and “Player” to the character to activate AI around you.


You should be ready to kill some zombies now. Navigate to the”Zombie” demo map in Smart AI to try it out.

-> Type “mapitem” in the content browser to spawn some items if you need help!