Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Update to MMLSE (from V1.0)

This is a short guide to update the first version of MMLS to MMLSE (V1.0 to V1.1). Thanks to everyone that supported us in our humble beginnings. If you did not change anything in the previous version, all you have to do is Step 1 after migrating the new MMLS folder.

This update is huge and might take a few hours if you do it all. However the most time-consuming part is the Anim BP. If you migrate just the Anim BP and copy paste the logic from the new MovementComponent into the one you currently have in your project, it should take less than 15 mins.

Step 1 (optional) : New Project Settings

1. Migrate the content you want from the new update. For advanced users that want to keep their project as it is right now, it will probably be just the Anim BP. If you want everything just migrate the new MMLS folder (many anims have changed so be careful not to override any custom modifications you may have done)

2. Import/Export the inputs config file or do it by hand. Then copy paste the inputs you want from the new BP_MMLSCharacter if you didn’t do #1.

3. Add the following surface types : Flesh, Rock, Grass, Metal.

4. Add the following object channels : Projectile and MeleeWeapon. Default Response Block

5. Add a new trace channel: Weapon. Default Response Block

6. Add the surface types in the Physical Materials from MMLS (Misc folder).

Step 2 (optional) : New MMLSMovementComponent

1. If you do not want to migrate the whole folder, you can migrate only the new MMLSMovementComponent. The component has no dependencies with anything else. If you did a lot of work in the MovementComponent before this update, we suggest just going over the new things and copy pasting them. It will not that long.

Step 3 (optional) : New Anim BP

1. If you do not want to migrate the whole folder, you can migrate only the Anim BP. It also has no dependencies. We tweaked pretty much every value and added many things like the sync groups, a setup to blend between weapon animations and new anim slots. If you do not want to migrate it or the new empty handed animations, you will have to go pretty much everywhere and check out every single setting in the Anim BP and add the sync notifies LeftPlant or RightPlant in the anims. A single mistake could easily break something. Really sorry for this it is a one time thing. Everything should be fine moving onward. If something is not right we will help you out send us an email.

*Delete the Anim Notify SpawnBullet in the Anim BP to avoid grabbing the WeaponComponent when you migrate.