Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Anim BP Tweaks V1.2

Step 1

Go to the location shown AnimBP -> EventGraph -> Each Frame

1. Delete the highlighted nodes and plug back the Return Value in Current Pawn Direction.


Step 2

At the same location as step 1

1. Substract 25 from Sprint Movement Speed


Step 3

In the AnimGraph -> LowerBody -> Standing Movement to Sprint

1. Replace variable Sprinting with SprintSpeed.

2. Do the same in Sprint to Movement but keep the NOT.

3. Repeat 1 & 2 with the UpperBody state machine.


Step 4

In the AnimGraph -> LowerBody

1. Add a Start Transition Event. Name it SprintSpeedOnTransition or whatever you like.


Step 5

In the Event Graph -> Events

1. Add the setup as shown. You will need to create a boolean variable.


Step 6

In the Event Graph -> Each Frame

1. Change the SprintSpeed logic for the setup shown in picture.


Step 7

In the Event Graph -> Each Frame

1. Add the new nodes for the velocity and current pawn direction.


Step 8

In the Event Graph -> Each Frame -> Movement Component Setup

1. Add a boolean variable called Local Client and the 2 nodes as shown.


Step 9

In the Event Graph -> Each Frame -> Set Aim Variables

1. Replace the current nodes with the new Local Client variable.


Step 9

In the Anim Graph

1. Add the new nodes as shown. The 100 interp speed comes from the 0.01 interp server-side rotation correction in the CharacterMovement settings.