Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Patch Notes

MMLS 1.1

Nov 22 2021

First release of Modern MMORPG Locomotion System with the completely revamped Animation Blueprint (V1.1).


  • Multiplayer-ready
  • 8 Directional Movement
  • 5 Different Movement Modes(Sprint, Run, Walk, Crouch, Prone)
  • Aim Offsets
  • Turn In Place (Standing, Crouch, Prone)
  • Double Jump
  • Ground Slide
  • Glide(Fall Control)
  • Proning Transitions
  • Hard Impact Landings
  • 4 Different Animation
  • States(Relaxed,Combat,Aimed,Injured)
  • Neatly packed in an Actor Component for easy integration
  • Kick and Sprint Kick

Hotfixes Update 1.2

Jan 11 2022

New Anims :

-Jog Right V2 (reworked)

-Jump Land Idle V2 and V3

-Jump Loop Low Speed V2 and High Speed V2


1. Remove Block Turn From Prone Melee Attacks

2. Anim BP Tweaks

Hotfixes Update 1.3

Update 1.4 Prone Movement


New Anims :





-New Standing, Crouch and Prone Turn In Place (V2)

1) Prone Movement Update Guide

Update 1.5 Combat & Block Movement


Unarmed combat locomotion with 3 new punch attacks to show how to use the Aim Offset system, different stances and the new lowerbody blending setup.

1) Add LowerBody Blending

Update 2.0


Weapon Example (Throwable Small Stone) to help you integrate with your inventory system

Movement improvements (New walk animations, automatic walking at slow speed, strafing in combat)

Optimized logic and replication performance