Modern MMORPG Locomotion System

Patch Notes



First release of Modern MMORPG Locomotion System.


  • Multiplayer-ready
  • 8 Directional Movement
  • 5 Different Movement Modes(Sprint, Run, Walk, Crouch, Prone)
  • Aim Offsets
  • Turn In Place (Standing, Crouch, Prone)
  • Double Jump
  • Ground Slide
  • Glide(Fall Control)
  • Proning Transitions
  • Hard Impact Landings
  • 4 Different Animation
  • States(Relaxed,Combat,Aimed,Injured)
  • Neatly packed in an Actor Component for easy integration

Update 1.1


Pistol mesh, Spartan Armor*, and pistol animations for MMLS.

Update Guide

New Things :

-Kick/Quick Melee Setup

-Inventory Component : Handles map items pick ups and some other inventory-related logic. Mostly for demo purposes, most people will already have an inventory system.

-Weapon Component: All the logic for the weapons is in there. Many gameplay examples and utilities. You will probably want to copy paste some logic into your inventory system. There is also a dual wield system.


Too many to list. Please treat this as a new product. Everything changed in the Anim BP. This is the only time that will happen sorry. Now weapons are fully supported and only minor tweaks will be needed in the future.

*Many textures were removed to reduce download size. If you want the full professional textures for the meshes, get them from the Paragon assets. If you need help we can tell you exactly which texture to swap.

Hotfixes Update 1.2


New Anims :

-Jog Right V2 (reworked)

-Jump End Idle V2 and V3

-Jump Loop Low Speed V2 and High Speed V2


1.  Fix Aim Camera When Unholding A Weapon

2. Remove Block Turn From Prone Melee Attacks

3. Unequip main hand instead of going into dual wield mode

4. Anim BP Tweaks

Update 1.3

10-04-2022 : Unarmed Combat

Update Guide

New Things :

-90+ combat animations (28 attack anims)

-Health points, damage and death

-Melee raytrace system

-8-directional hit reactions


Update max speed correctly on state change

Update 1.4

25-05-2022 : Prone Movement

New Anims :





-New Standing, Crouch and Prone Turn In Place (V2)

1) Prone Movement Update Guide

Update 1.5

29-07-2022 : Rifle, Sword & Shield

New Weapon Animations:


-Sword & Shield

1) Lower Body Blending

2) Update Guide



Bow & Arrow

Throwing (Small Stone, Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Sticky Grenade)

Consumables (Painkillers, Medkits)

Movement improvements (New walk animations, automatic walking at slow speed, strafing in combat)

New sounds + attenuation settings for sounds

New basic inventory UI, compass, better inventory logic

Optimized and fixed many things